At its core, SGS is a service provider. Over the years, we have honed and refined our capabilities to better serve our clients. In turn, these clients help define and shape how we deliver our services. As technologies change and markets develop, SGS continues to evolve to meet the challenges faced by our clients.

Clients will find that SGS is nimble in response to the incredible pace set by today’s global economy. Our business model enables us to provide innovative yet practical solutions, from inception through implementation. We combine technology with strategy and aim to deliver results today that will endure tomorrow.

SGS understands industry best practices, current and emerging technologies and has an insight into the future that positions us to provide superior service. SGS is flexible and knows that the path forward demands agility and competency to pursue and reach our client’s goal. By remaining flexible SGS is able to avoid the pitfalls that a linear path would encounter.

And finally, SGS listens to our clients and recognizes that only through the efficient exchange of information can the bigger picture take shape. By listening and understanding our clients’ needs, we are able to effectively offer Solutions to Empower their Business.

“….Our annual awards are only given to the top performing vendors based on several key criteria in support of the Contingent Workforce Program (CWP), including number of candidates submitted, number of requisitions filled, quality of workers and quality of overall service and partnership to the program office team…..We greatly appreciate all of your hard work and contribution over the past year and recognize that your firm’s contribution was a key factor in our programs overall success.”

Testimony by a Nationally Leading MSP

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with SGS for over a decade and they have always delivered on my temporary staffing needs!”

Testimony by a Senior Director – Global Pharmaceutical Company

“You are doing an amazing job!…..Great job on your hit rate!….I’m happy to expand you into other programs….”

Testimony by a Director of Operations – Nationally Leading MSP

“Working with SGS has allowed us to improve our competitive edge in marketplace, increase productivity and reduce contingent worker spend.”

Testimony by a Regional Head – Global Bank