Competitive Advantage


SGS Listens! We listen to our client’s challenges. We hear our client’s objectives. We offer tailored solutions that are nimble and practical that deliver the best of bread results that is distinctive to each client. SGS approaches every client differently based on the client’s unique set of goals and directives. Understanding these goals and directives is as important as plotting a strategic course to the deliverables. Our goal is not simply to reach the objective, but to look beyond to a fostering a relationship that is built around trust and confidence in SGS.

electing the right servicing partner can be intimidating and cumbersome. However, the differentiators set forth by SGS makes a client’s decision to choose SGS a clear one.


Count on SGS’ proven ability to tailor innovative, yet practical, solutions that enable your business to excel in areas of contingent labor, managed services (SOW), payroll and executive recruitment. SGS employs the latest technology in its operations to stay ahead of the curve as well as deliver unsurpassed results to the client base.


SGS’ services are intended to be a comprehensive solution to your company’s workforce and project needs. Our team of SME’s enables us to provide services and solutions that allows our clients to maneuver thru the evolving and challenging environment.


SGS’ service offerings employ methodologies that are flexible and responsive that enables clients to meet challenging initiatives, timelines and budgets. SGS’ Account Management methodology facilitates us to be far more responsive then our competitors.

Why choose SGS as an employer?


A team of SGS’ representatives will help you navigate from prospect to placement and beyond. Our expert staff will guide you thru the onboarding process with education on client expectations and protocols, timesheet procedures, benefits overview, payroll, etc.

Benefits Offering:

SGS offers ACA-compliant health benefits, Direct Deposit, 401K participation, etc. Our HR & Payroll professionals are available to explain any questions and/or concerns an employee may have as they go thru the benefits package


Our advanced ATS and HRMS systems enables SGS to monitor the performance of our employees and empowers us to start a transition plan as we approach the successful completion of a project. The prospect of a transition from contract to direct hire with our Fortune clients is also a possibility.


In addition to timely disbursement on payroll and any related expense reimbursement, SGS prides itself on paying competitive compensation. In addition to the standard compensation, SGS also offers attractive referral bonuses.

SGS’ talent pool encompasses diverse, motivated, focused and talented professionals. We view our employees as the core to our success and existence and as such value each and everyone’s participation in the organization. We know and understand the importance of planning ahead for one’s future and that is why we have partnered with ADP to offer our employees a well administered 401(k) plan. In addition, we offer a health benefits and other supplementary benefits to fit their individual needs.

SGS’ progress and achievements are accredited to the professionals that fill our corridor and we welcome them and hope to nurture with their careers and aspirations.

Come grow with SGS!