Contingent Workforce Solutions

SGS’ goal is to provide advanced and adaptable contingent workforce services to all our prestigious clients. Following our goal steadfastly, SGS has become one of the most prominent IT/Non-IT Contingent Workforce Services provider, filling thousands of positions irrespective of domain, technology and/or location. SGS provides the most innovative, agile and cost-effective workforce solutions with the use of best in class technology (i.e. HRMS, ATS, Payroll, Onboarding, CRM, etc.), in today’s marketplace. We leverage our defined processes to deliver performance. Our workforce solutions assist our clients achieve efficiency, increase ROI, improve core competencies and become more competitive in their respective industry vertical and domain.

Contingent Workforce Solution consists of five major components as follows:

  • Account Management Model
  • Pricing
  • Client and internally defined SLAs
  • Recruit to Retain strategy
  • Diverse Labor Category Capabilities

This model allows us to focus solely on the client’s needs while providing local resourcing and account management and ensuring smooth functioning of the program at all times. The aim of this process driven methodology is to provide undivided attention and care to every SGS relationship. This team would work closely with client and/or MSP and acts as an extension of the SGS’s Executive Management team. SGS is dedicated to performance excellence as part of a client-centric mindset that assures excellence in execution.

Account Management Model:

SGS has a well-defined and strategic Account Management methodology that addresses every phase of the contingent workforce lifecycle. Our Account Management Team (AMT) is a performance-driven group with the objective of creating a partnership with our client to deliver the best in class contingent workforce solution

SGS assigns a dedicated Account Management Team (AMT) consisting of:

  • National Account Manager (NAM)
  • Recruiting Manager
  • Team of Recruiters
  • Onboarding/Off boarding Group Manager
  • Human Asset Management Group (HAMG)
  • Timesheet & Payroll Management Manager


SGS offers competitive pricing so that our clients realize the highest ROI possible. In addition, we offer several attractive pricing discounts and rebates:

  • Volume based pricing discount models
  • Aggressive tenure discounts
  • Engineered pricing strategy
  • Competitive Payroll/Pass-thru service pricing
  • Leveraged Transaction Cost & Time Benefits

Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

SGS operates with both client and internally defined SLAs. Our SLAs are “Sacrosanct” and below is a list of SGS’ internal SLAs categories that remain the cornerstone of our deliverables:

  • Response ratio
  • Response to shortlist ratio
  • Response to interview ratio
  • Interview to hire ratio
  • Hire to delivery ratio
  • Attrition rate

Recruit to Retain:

SGS uses a proven process of identifying, qualifying, recruiting and retaining professional for the IT/NON-IT Contingent Workforce Services space. SGS follows a strategic recruitment methodology that has matured over the years and encompasses three major process elements.

  • Candidates are identified via the use of various sources which includes, but not limited to, job boards, professional and social mediums, internal database, referrals, etc.
  • The identified candidates are carefully screened and are required to demonstrate not only their functional and job specific skills, but also strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Subsequent to an internal qualification of a candidature, the individual is prepped for the client’s screening by providing valuable intelligence that will be crucial for a successful interview for the prospect.

Once a candidate is selected by our client for a project, then the ancillary team of SGS take over to ensure a smooth onboarding. SGS utilizes a paperless onboarding SAAS application to ensure that all client documents, federal and state required documents are completed with the greatest of ease. Our HAMG and Timesheet Management teams will orient the candidate on various client protocols:

  • Dress Code
  • Reporting Details
  • Shift Hours
  • Timesheet Reporting Instructions
  • Travel Expense Handling Instructions

Subsequent to the aforementioned orientation, our HAMG group is tasked with keeping an open line of communication with our employee to ensure that any and all questions and/or concerns are addressed within 1 hour of the communication. Our consultants are treated with the greatest level of respect and importance as they are our lifeline to the sustainability and growth of our organization.

Labor Categories:

SGS capitalizes on it time tested and defined processes and innovative applications to identify, screen, recruit and retain skilled professionals across a broad range of labor categories as follows:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Admin/Clerical
  • Business Professional
  • Compliance & Regulatory
  • Creative Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Legal
  • Light Industrial & Heavy Industrial
  • Scientific & Clinical (R&D)
  • Support Services (Help Desk, Customer Service Call Center, etc.)