Registered Nurse - Psychiatric

Industry: Nursing

Duration: 12 Months.

Pay Rate: $70.00/Hour


Job Description:

  • Identifies patient care needs utilizing physical & behavioral professional nursing assessment skills. Assessments reflect use of Nursing psychiatric/mental health theory & STANDARDS of practice.
  • Completes assessments within hospital prescribed timelines.
  • Makes comprehensive clinical observations & evaluations of health needs including subtle abnormalities & changes in condition.
  • Documents & reports, to physician as appropriate indicative signs & symptoms of physical & mental condition. Provides appropriate interventions, & -reassesses when changes occur in patient's behavior/condition.
  • Collects & documents data that is accurate & comprehensive, signing off all documentation in medical record with name, title, date & time. Treatment Planning & Documentation:
  • 1. Bases the treatment plan on assessment of patient needs & goals.
  • 2.Creates treatment plans that are realistic, measurable & appropriate to identify mental health & medical needs/problems.
  • 3. Creates treatment plans that are culturally sensitive. Implements nursing interventions that are appropriate to patient goals.
  • 4. Initiates treatment plans within 8 hours & completes within 24 hours.
  • 5. Participates in multi-disciplinary treatment teams by coordinating health services & treatment; collaborates with professional & paraprofessional staff to ensure optimal health care.
  • 6. Demonstrates understanding interventions that are age specific.
  • 7. Documents nurse progress notes in the medical chart including patient's health status, changes in condition & medications administered; reviews charts for changes in orders & transcribes.
  • 8. Updates plans, as objectives & interventions change with minimum of a monthly update.
  • 9. Completes daily & weekly documentation in a timely manner.
  • 10. Review & sign the Q15 documentation twice per shift as a company Standard.
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  • Bachelor’s degree - Desired Graduation from a program of professional nursing resulting in current licensing through the Nevada State Board of Nursing as a RN.
  • Required Must have current RN license in the State of Nevada
  • Required Must always maintain current CPI certification.
  • Required Must always maintain current CPR/First Aid certification.
  • Required Nursing rotation in the Psychiatric Environment.
  • Required Preference of at least one year of experience. - Required: 1 Years



  • 1. Maintains safety, health & wellbeing of individuals in the therapeutic environment.
  • 2. May assist as needed in the physical restraining of patients who are a threat to themselves or others & may be hostile & combative; Follows all Facility philosophies regarding restraint & seclusion; notifies appropriate staff of action taken & documents as required.
  • 3. Maintains structure necessary for the therapeutic environment.
  • 4. Orients patient/family to program.
  • 5. Explains & advocates for patient's rights.
  • 6. Provides accurate, concise reports.
  • 7. Identifies, documents, & reports, employee problems, repairs needed, need policy/procedure changes, etc.
  • 8. Demonstrates knowledge & follows infection control techniques & policies/procedures.
  • 9. Ensures the use of universal precautions.
  • 10. Supervises & leads all decisions to implement patient interventions when patients are dangerous to self-or others, always using least restrictive intervention, in accordance with CPI techniques.
  • 11. Provides & documents patient & family teaching as appropriate.
  • 12. Makes changes in staffing as acuity dictates.
  • 13. Notifies administration & AOC of any serious incidents to staff or patients assuring incident reports & appropriate documentation is completed per hospital policies. Ability to:
  • • Recognize the importance of adapting to the various patient age groups, (child, adolescent, adult) & levels of services provided (inpatient, outpatient & residential).
  • • Identify the typical signs & symptoms of mental illnesses.
  • • Learn behavior modification & assaultive behavior intervention techniques.
  • • Establish rapport & develop positive interpersonal relationships with patients.
  • • Establish clear therapeutic boundaries.


Shift: DAY Shift with 40 Hours / Week, 8 Hours/day.