Battery Lab Manager

Battery Lab Manager

Job Code: SUCPA3994
Date: 09-15-2022
Job Description :



As a Battery Lab Manager, the candidate will be part of the battery team responsible for developing new battery technology across the Reality Lab Portfolio of products. As part of this role, the candidate is expected to manage multiple battery labs that perform cell, pack, and system level testing.






  • Work with validation engineers to execute test plans and create schedules to meet these plans.
  • Ensure testing resources (test channels, equipment, people) are correctly allocated
  • Manage and maintain equipment calibration including tracking lab inventory of all calibratable hardware, arranging periodic calibrations per manufacturing specs, and procuring replacement/new hardware when needed
  • Work with equipment vendors on new initiatives to improve lab capabilities and test coverage
  • Root Cause and resolve test equipment malfunction issues
  • Develop processes, frameworks, and best practices to scale validation across multiple programs
  • Good attention to details to ensure that data generated is of high quality
  • Ensure data generated is transfer periodically and accurately to our data analytics tools
  • Support hiring and training of support staff, as needed, to perform validation testing
  • Ensure that data management software for the various test equipment is working correctly
  • Proactively work to resolve problems that arise related to new testing protocols
  • Support lab expansion and installations as needed by working with various facilities teams
  • Ensure all environmental, health and safety requirements are met
  • Support technical root cause analysis and resolution of issues found during testing
  • Develop cadence for weekly reporting of test status, equipment utilizations, issues, and forecasting





  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering/Chemical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Material Science or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years’ experience in working on validation of Li-ion batteries
  • Experience with lab testing equipment including scopes, power supplies, electronic loads, function generators
  • Interpersonal skills and experience to work effectively in a dynamic team-oriented environment





  • 5+ years’ experience in working on validation of Li-ion batteries
  • Basic network set up knowledge and experience to work with the IT teams. Experience with scripting software such as Python
  • Knowledge of data process tools such as MATLAB, JMP and/or Voltaiq
  • Experience with battery testing equipment such as Maccors, Neware and experience developing and running scripts
  • Experience with deploying test and measurement equipment with network access
  • Experience working on consumer electronics
  • Data science experience a plus


Will be managing lab machinery for purpose of battery testing.

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Job Location: Sunny Vale, CA