Silicon DD Engineer V

Silicon DD Engineer V

Job Code: SUC-DEE37234
Date: 09-20-2022
Job Description :



  • Expertise in C/C++ with hands-on experience of writing drivers, middleware, board support packages and boot loader (Must Have)
  • Good understanding of ARM based SoCs.
  • Experience influencing design and Silicon validation teams to optimize the usage of Pre-Silicon (FPGA and Emulation) Prototype platforms.
  • 3+ years of experience in leading silicon validation planning, execution, validation FW development, and validation signoff
  • Knowledge of ASIC design flow, silicon foundry test flow, and silicon FW development process


What are the top non-negotiable skill sets required for this role?


  • Experience with one of the main hardware emulator platforms (Synopsys ZeBu, Mentor Veloce, or Cadence Palladium)
  • Experience building emulation models from RTL drops, integrating transactors, and architecting/implementing emulation testbenches
  • Familiarity with Verilog, SystemVerilog coding
  • Experience with embedded C firmware testing
  • Fluency in a high level programming language such as Python




  • Contribute to the development emulation models and automation infrastructure
  • Integrate new IP and transactors into existing emulation models
  • Create and debug embedded C firmware tests to validate model features
  • Understanding of full-chip design verification and post-Si validation concepts
  • Create automation and regression flows using Python
  • Triage, debug, and fix emulation build and runtime failures
  • Work with FPGA engineers to perform early prototyping




Must Have:


  • 4+ years of experience in emulation, prototyping, verification, or similar
  • Experience in RTL coding, synthesis and/or SoC Integration
  • BS Electrical Engineering/Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Experience with UPF based simulation flow
  • System Verilog OVM/UVM experience
  • Tcl and Python (or similar) scripting experience
  • Experience in SoC integration and ASIC architecture


Wish List/ Nice to Have:


  • Experience using High Speed interfaces like PCIe, USB, MIPI
  • FPGA design
  • Experience with RTL-based power estimation flows
  • MSEE/CS or equivalent experience




  • Must Have: Bachelor degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering or Computer Science
  • Master's Degree preferred but not required


Manager Notes:


  • One additional keyword to look for would be "Portable stimulus (PSS)". I don't know if you will get any hits, because it's a very new / niche technology. But if you could check, it would be a very valuable bonus.


Job Tags: System Verilog OVM/UVM
Job Location: Austin, TX