Patient Care Associate

Patient Care Associate
Job Category: HEALTHCARE

Job Code:
Date: 01-01-1970
Job Description :

Duration: 3 Months Locations:
• New York NY 10016
• Brooklyn NY 11206
• Elmhurst NY 11373
• Brooklyn NY 11203
• Brooklyn NY 11235
• New York NY 10037
• Bronx NY 10467
• Bronx NY 10461
• Jamaica NY 11432
Examples of Typical Tasks:
1. Checks vital signs, weights, and measures patients, obtains specimens and records findings on patient’s chart.
2. Instructs patients on how to obtain specimens for laboratory testing and performs basic specimen screening testing through dipstick and hemocult.
3. Prepares collected specimens for pick-up by labeling and preparing required form(s). Picks-up lab results.
4. Performs vision and hearing testing and simple urinalysis.
5. Administers emergency first aid, including basic life support procedures.
6. Performs simple first aid such as dressing changes, bandaging, and cleansing of wounds, irrigation and cleansing of ears.
7. Prepares patient for examination and assists medical provider during examination by providing necessary supplies/equipment.
8. Prepares examining room for examination including cleaning and sterilizing instruments and equipment.
9. Informs patients on proper preparation for various medical testing.
10. Conducts interview of client to obtain routine personal and medical information and appropriate health history.
• High school diploma or its educational equivalent, approved by a State’s Department of Education or a recognized accrediting organization; and
• Successful completion of a NYS Department of Health prescribed training program for Phlebotomy, satisfactory to the Laboratory Director; and
• Completion of a health care setting-based training program in the performance of electrocardiographs and basic life support procedures including certification in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation.
Certifications & Licenses:
• EKG certificate
• Phlebotomist Certificate

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Job Location: New York