Lab Manager

Lab Manager

Job Code: SUC-DEE35969
Date: 01-01-1970
Job Description :

As an AR/VR Senior Lab Manager, you will play an important role in supporting multiple mechanical engineering, opto-mechanical engineering, design verification engineering, firmware engineering, and electrical engineering labs that are used by a large and highly skilled engineering organization. At this time, you will be managing three labs totaling ~4500 sq ft with an additional 1000 sq ft coming online in Spring of 2023.
At Meta, we emphasize a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to solving challenges and issues we face. While you will own the management of the lab, you’ll need to take into consideration its users' needs and feedback to create a successful environment where all the engineers can thrive. We are looking for an excellent team player who can win over the team, earn their trust and respect, and effectively establish order in our labs.
We are looking for a deeply experienced individual who adheres to best-in-class lab practices, maintains an organized and clean laboratory environment, manages inventory of all consumables, deploys an asset tracking system for high-value capital equipment, follows all lab health and safety regulations and enforces users to be trained before access is granted to the labs. You must be proactive, and you must take charge of owning all aspects of our labs. You will be supported by the management team.
We are looking for an excellent communicator who can take charge and gracefully and tactfully enforce lab rules and regulations to maintain a clean lab environment that functions efficiently for all users.
Work with team administrator and management staff to set lab goals and standards
Work with team administrator and broader org lab managers to scope and obtain lab space, develop floor plans of how equipment and benches will be placed, and maintain seating charts
Catalog and maintain a database of all lab equipment in all labs. Keep in stocked by ordering replacement material and initiating quotes and POs for high-value items.
Work with XFN partners to align and set lab standards that are consistent across Meta HW labs
Support lab users day-to-day needs and allocate space for their work to be done
Setup a task scheduler to allow lab users to request support from lab manager and possible technicians
Determine if additional technician staffing is needed and work with management on hiring plan
Maintain and enforce lab usage policies to keep the lab well operated and clean. Schedule periodica lab cleanout days to reset the labs as needed
Perform electrical rework services that involve components down to 0201 case sizes, with mix CSP/BGA, and magwire/blue wire needs.
Perform mechanical and opto-mechanical assembly services
Take various trainings available for different lab equipment to increase the service capabilities of the lab management team
Work with outside suppliers to obtain quotes for high-value items, and initiate and track the ordering of such equipment
Work with lab management and facilities team to upgrade and improve the lab space to meet the needs and requests of the lab users
An excellent team player, able to influence others, lead teams to root cause and corrective actions for complex problem
Self-starter and creative problem-solver Strong sense of ownership, accountability, and responsibility Project management skill and deeply organized
Excellent organizational ability to rapidly database and triage lab tasks. Highly experienced with working in a laboratory environment, including low class clean rooms
Hands-on work with various tools including x-ray imaging, microscopy, spectroscopy, soldering iron, hot air rework tools, and wet chemistry techniques
5+ years of direct experience managing one or more EE, ME, and/or OptoME labs.
Direct experience with setting inventory lists and ordering equipment to maintain standard inventory of lab materials
Experience managing labs of mixed specialties in addition to EE is preferred (I.E. EE + ME)
Hands-on work with various FA tools including x-ray imaging (2D X-ray/CT Scan), microscopy, SEM, FTIR, cross-section, dye-and-pry, soldering irons, hot plate, heat gun, etc.
Hands on experience working as an electronic technician supporting components down to 0201
Experience in consumer electronics, knowledge on assembly, PCBA, display module, speaker/Mic module, adhesive etc.
Degree in physics, electronics, electrical engineering, optics, or related field, BS or MS is preferred
Excellent written and oral communication skills.

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Job Location: Redmond, WA