Assembler Level 1

Assembler Level 1

Job Code: KRN
Date: 01-01-1970
Job Description :

Duration: 09 Months Shift: 1st Detailed Job Description: Job Description Performs fabrication or modification tasks on micro-integrated circuit modules and sub-assemblies. Performs disassembly, assembly, modification, rework and repair operations on various pre-production subassemblies, assemblies and complete systems that utilize integrated circuit technology. Performs the above operations after the units have been rejected by testing and are sent back with test failure sheets, isolating the problem area. Plans work sequence by interpreting schematic diagrams or other specifications. Utilizes test equipment to check parameters during and after rework to assure that the unit conforms to specifications. Records and summarizes data and procedural steps taken to assist engineering in the development and preparation of procedural specifications required for assembly. Must meet specified certification requirements required by the customer.

Job Tags: integrated circuit technology
Job Location: Chelmsford-Massachusetts-01824