ER Registered Nurse

ER Registered Nurse
Job Category: HEALTHCARE

Job Code: RAJMAH_TRI_NY_2024
Date: 01-01-1970
Job Description :

Job Title: ER Registered Nurse
Duration: 13 Weeks with high chances of extension
Location: Syracuse, NY 13203
Department Emergency Room
Shifts & Days 3 days/week – 36 hours/weekly – 12 hours daily night shift – 7 PM to 7:30 AM
We are looking for highly organized, compassionate candidates to work as ER nurses. ER nurses are the first line of defense when responding to patient injuries, trauma, or allergic reactions.
They are always prepared to respond to emergencies, assist doctors in emergency medical care, and ensure a high quality of nursing standards are maintained, among other duties.
Moreover, ER nurses are required to remain calm under pressure, display sound decision-making skills and be attentive to patient needs.
ER Nurse Responsibilities:
• Being ready to respond and equipped to deal with a medical emergency.
• Quickly assessing patient needs.
• Treating critical injuries, allergic reactions, and trauma.
• Performing minor medical operations.
• Cleaning wounds.
• Drawing blood.
• Maintaining emergency room care standards.
• Assisting with insurance paperwork.
• Ensuring the efficiency of the patient check-in process.
• Displaying strong decision-making skills in emergency scenarios.
ER Nurse Requirements:
• Professional State License - Primary Source (Verification page with a machine-generated verification date, must be within 30 days of start.)
• BLS - (AHA. Must include an image the front and back of card with exp. date.)
Immunization docs required:
• Tdap - (Proof of 1 vaccination dated after 2005 when current vaccine became available.)
• Color Vision Test - (Proof of test dated within past 12 months.)
• 2 Step PPD or Chest X-ray - (PPD yrly. If pos, provide cxr. First completed within 1 yr of start; second completed prior to start)
• Hep B or Declination - (1st vacc prior to start; 2nd shot 30 days later; 3rd shot 6 months later. Titers NOT accepted.)
• MMR - (Proof of 2 vaccinations with dates or primary source IgG titer with lab print-out.)
• Varicella - (Proof of 1 vaccination with date or primary source IgG titer with lab print-out.)
• Health Statement/Physical Exam - (Provide doc from an exam within the last year that candidate is fit to work.)
• Respiratory Mask Fit test.
• Covid Vaccination Certificate – (Along with date)

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Job Location: Syracuse, NY 13203