IT Infrastructure Project Manager

Duration : 15 Months+

Major Duties:

  • Prepare and execute project plans to deliver project objectives.
  • Coordinate workshops, meetings, and other activities to support the specification and agreement of project deliverables.
  • Communicate and manage expectations with stakeholders, developing effective working relationships to ensure that stakeholder needs and concerns are identified and met, as well as negotiated as and when needed.
  • Coordinate the identification of requirements; conduct analysis of those requirements for completion and alignment; document and manage requirements throughout the life of the project; and coordinate the verification of the end deliverable. Generally done at the level of project phases.
  • Identify, evaluate, communicate, escalated, and manage to mitigate risks, issues, dependencies, and constraints associated with the project.
  • Deliver necessary material and information for project review reports and presentations, including key information and recommendations, as and when needed.
  • Contribute to reviewing existing operations in own area of work and generate new ideas to assist in identifying continuous improvements.
  • Manage the deployment of project resources and coordinate the proper utilization of such resources.

Desired Skills:

  • Infrastructure and Operations: General knowledge and experience of IT Infrastructure as well as good understanding of ITIL, problem management, customer communication, root cause analysis and other operations related disciplines to ensure proper operation management.
  • VOICE & Contact Center platform/infrastructure: Knowledge and experience of call management platform and infrastructure such CISCO and AVAYA and Contact/Call Center systems and platforms.

Preferred Education:

  • Computer science, IT, Engineering

Years of Experience Required:

  • 5 years in IT project management

Top Skills:

  • Strong communication skills-: Excellent communication skills are essential for conveying project goals, requirements, and updates clearly to team members, stakeholders, and vendors involved in the project.
  • Negotiation and risk management.
  • Project planning.
  • Project Management Expertise- The project manager should have a strong background in project management methodologies, tools, and practices to effectively plan, execute, and monitor the project from initiation to completion.