Summer Intern, Bioanalytics

Duration: 2 Months

Location: 100% Remote

The internship role in Bioanalytics will introduce the intern to wet lab techniques analyzing nonclinical samples for biodistribution and gene expression.

The intern will work on vector copy analysis for nonclinical mouse studies planned next year. The intern will be responsible for learning tissue extraction, gDNA extraction and purification, as well as qPCR or ddPCR to analyze vector copy number. The intern will also learn how to analyze results with equipment software as well as data analysis tools such as GraphPad and JMP.

Skills the intern will development include:

  • tissue extraction
  • DNA/RNA purification
  • Plasmid linearization
  • ddPCR and/or qPCR
  • electronic sample inventory
  • electronic lab notebook record keeping
  • Data analysis tools such as GraphPad Prism and JMP
  • Team building in a corporate/biotech environment
  • Gain exposure to cutting edge gene therapy strategies and bioanalytical endpoints

Intern Qualifications and Skills

  • Pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in life sciences
  • Must have an interest in pursuing a career in Life Sciences/Biotech/Pharmaceuticals
  • Ability to manage workload effectively including planning, organizing, prioritizing, and meeting deadlines
  • Prefer a candidate who has completed the following coursework: introductory biochemistry, genetics, and microbiology courses/labs.