Summer Intern, Data Mgmt, Bioinformatics, Vector Biosciences

Duration: 2 Months

Location: 100% Remote

This intern will be responsible for building targeting, data capture, and reporting systems for our data storage system. This person will also ensure that regular reports are produced, and follow-ups are available for investigator and staff meetings, as well as yearly audit and progress reports

• Conduct a comprehensive literature review to list all the criteria to determine the best data-management approaches
• Code and run scripts on the AWS system to manage data stored in AWS and DNAnexus with a well-organized structure
• Knowledge of a programming language (Linux bash & R or Python or Perl preferable) 
• Record all data in a data-storage manifesto.
• Opportunity to network and learn from research and next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies in an industrial environment 
• Opportunity to shadow, train, and contribute to NGS data analyses
• A presentation/poster and report output

Intern Job Responsibilities/Deliverables

Month 1: • Overview and training on the AWS system • Review relevant publications on data storage and management best practices • Based on the literature search, built in a data storage system on AWS• Weekly 1:1 meeting with mentor Gaia Andreoletti/Hsin-Jung “Tiffany” Chou

Month 2: • Identify and download the data from DNAnexus to AWS in a structural way • Write scripts to apply the established storage criteria • Create and maintain a data-storage manifesto

Month 3: • Report and presentation of results at Vector Bioscience meeting

Benefits of the Internship

The intern will receive mentoring and training from scientists experienced with NGS data analyses, as well as explore and have hands-on experience with different cloud-based platforms for NGS data analyses and storage. It is a great opportunity for the intern to experience a working environment in a highly matrixed, global organization. The intern will also have chances to interact and learn from people in other functional groups.


The intern would benefit from a project that has a clear outlined goal and provides the opportunity for training in various cutting-edge NGS methodologies. This role would also provide an opportunity for the intern to work cross-functionally with different people within the Vector Bioscience group to obtain results and information. The student would also be required to write a report and present their findings, further developing their skills in those areas.

Intern Qualifications and Skills

  • Pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in life sciences 
  • Must have an interest in pursuing a career in Bioinformatics, Life Sciences, Computer Science, Bio Engineering, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals
  • Ability to manage workload effectively including planning, organizing, prioritizing, and meeting deadlines
  • Ability to program in Linux, R and/or python
  • Ability to use discretion and maintain confidentiality
  • Detail oriented and very organized