Test Engineer II

Contract: 12 Months + (High possibility of extension)

  • Work with existing testing equipment to produce and analyze quality test data
  • Work with engineering and vendor teams to design and assemble bench setups and test fixtures
  • Assist in troubleshooting and root causing issues during product development and production builds
  • Assist the rest of the team and provide support in development of test procedures and test setups
  • Solder, wire, assemble, test, and troubleshoot module and system level mechanical and electronic assemblies
  • Work with the team to identify the best tools and suppliers to meet testing requirements while addressing technical and manufacturing perspectives
  • Work with engineering team to develop test requirements and methodology
  • Maintain a clean and productive lab environment


  • 3 years+ experience working in an R&D lab environment
  • Experience with data analysis techniques
  • Fundamental functional understanding of mechanical, electronic, and optical components
  • Experience in test automation and programming languages such as MATLAB and Python
  • Proven team player with great communication and cross-functioning skills
  • Analytical and problem-solving ability
  • BA/BS in Electrical Engineering, Physics, or a related field. Or equivalent experience as listed above


  • Hands on experience working in a lab and standard lab equipment
  • Fundamental functional understanding of optics, mechanics, and electronics
  • Programming experience with Python
  • Experience working with depth sensing and cameras
  • MATLAB programming experience
  • Hands on experience with electrical equipment